President Obama is acting as if he and his party and policies swept the nation last night — ignoring a Republican tsunami which spread across both houses of Congress, Governor’s races and other state and local races.

Today, out of one side of his mouth, President Obama said, I congratulate the opposition and look forward to working to find common ground.

Then, he says … I am willing to use Executive Power to grant amnesty to 8 million illegal aliens.

In that one statement, Obama proved that … I don’t care about the majority vote of Americans.  I will do what I want to do.

He is ignoring the fact that yesterday was a clear rejection of every major policy he has created or tried to enact.

Before the election, the President’s own Democratic followers … were trying to out run Obama’s shadow — trying to distant themselves, but they were had been already been exposed.   Even if they thought, they could escape, President Obama said the words that followed them when he suggested, these fellow Democrats are doing what they have to do to win, but in the end, they will be with me.

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