The world is dealing with two threats.  Left unchecked, stopped, destroyed … either could lead to mass casualties.

Are we doing enough in each battle?  I see the White House mishandling Ebola as it did ISIS.

Concerning Ebola, shouldn’t we prevent flights from West Africa from landing in the U.S.?   Air France and British Airways have imposed some flight restrictions.

Shouldn’t we increase airport screenings for Ebola?

Remember when President Obama admitted, We have no strategy for dealing with ISIS?

Well, until today… President Obama has not revealed any strategy for dealing with Ebola.

Today, Obama announced  that the U.S. government will work on measures to screen passengers.

After meeting with top health and security experts, he said, “We’re going to be working on protocols to do additional passenger screening both at the source and here in the United States.”

For weeks, we’ve had others pressuring for a more aggressive approach to hopefully prevent Ebola from entering our nation. President Obama has ignored those voices … until today.

This is the same pattern we have seen from President Obama regarding the warnings about ISIS.

Warnings from his top security experts including former CIA Director Panetta.

What is the disconnect that President Obama … has all these … experts … around him … and he continually ignores the advice they offer?

What do you think?

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