On Larry Conners USA tonight, you will hear from a teenager who says he not only witnessed the death of Michael Brown …but that he was with him at the time.

There is an outcry because the Ferguson Police Department is not releasing the name of the officer who shot to death 18 year old Michael Brown.

Let me ask you … how important is that name to you … at this time?

Tonight on Larry Conners USA, I will address that issue and give you my comments.

Tonight’s program will also include:  a tribute to Comedian/Actor Robin Williams, former NFL Player Bernard Whittington on concussions in the NFL and in our 11PM Hour … I have a Profile of a St. Louisan who took his idea and turned it into a mega business and he has so many stories involving some of the biggest names in entertainment — his name:  Steve Schankman  /  Contemporary Productions.

(Last night’s programs are archived under the previous posting.)