I don’t get it.

President Obama has said that he has authority to strike ISIS targets in Syria at any point he wants.  Still, he did say that he wants Congressional support of his actions.  Last week, he got approval to arm and train Syrian rebels … in his words to “dismantle and destroy” ISIS.

So, the stage is set.  President Obama acknowledges that ISIS is a clear and present danger — but at this posting (Sept 22, 2014 3:50PM Central), we still have not ordered air strikes in Syria where ISIS command camps are located.


It’s not clear.

Last week, National Security Adviser Rice … almost ran from a news conference as reporters began pressing … is the President deciding the time-table to hit the Syrian targets or is the military?

We do know that since President Obama’s statement … ISIS had been attracting even more followers and every day that we delay in taking action,  these Islamic fanatics will grow stronger.

Tonight on Larry Conners USA, we will focus on this issue and the continuing divide between the White House and military leaders on what will be needed to truly destroy ISIS.

Plus, there are new reports that President Obama ignored key advisers (including Sec. of Defense Panetta and Sec. of State Clinton) on dealing with ISIS … two years ago.

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