We are stronger.   We are better.  We out number … but, we are victims of mob violence.

Mob violence which is destroying the image of our community.

Mob violence robbing us of lawful protests.

Mob violence threatening our lives though we are innocent of any wrong doing.

Mob violence destroying our property though we are innocent business owners trying to make a living.

Mob violence which is fueled by hate, alcohol, drugs …an assumed privilege, a self-declared: Right … to hurt, burn, attack, destroy.

It’s not just because the Mob didn’t get the verdict it wanted.

It’s … it’s …  just because …

Mob violence which seeks the lights of the cameras and feels glorified, justified and above the Rule of Law.

Last night in Ferguson and the Shaw neighborhood, some of our neighbors stood between the Mob and businesses …but defenders can only do so much.

We feel helpless, but we must remember:

We are stronger.  We are better.  We out number.  We are right.

Tonight all 3 hours of LARRY CONNERS USA will be devoted to the grand jury verdict in the Michael Brown case, the reaction.

I’ll discuss the decision .. bad decision … to announce that verdict after sundown yesterday.

I’ll also ask … where was the Missouri National Guard last night?  Tonight?

Why isn’t there Martial Law?  A Curfew … an enforced Curfew?

You’ll hear from Ferguson Officer Darrin Wilson … and from Al Sharpton, but I have a surprise for Sharpton.

Here he is shouting: There is no justice.  Truth was not served.

I’ll recall another time when he shouted such claims from the roof top — a case involving a woman by the name of

Tawana Brawley.

It’s all starts at 9PM.

You can listen on KTRS (550) … and tell friends across the nation, they can join our conversation by listening on line at KTRS.com or by using the free KTRS phone app.