Near the end of the Jay Leno Era … there were allegations that perhaps Leno had gotten too Conservative in his monologue and dialogue.

He still told jokes about Republicans, Palin and others with similar views, but he was also joking about Democrats and President Obama. In other words, he was targeting both sides.

Simply being equal in his treatment might have been construed as being unfair to Liberals.

In other words, one side can be the butt of jokes, but the other side is protected, sacred.

I didn’t watch enough of Leno to know if allegations that he was too Conservative were true, but February 17, Michelle Obama will be a guest as the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show debuts.

That’s not to say that he is courting Liberal viewers.

The First Lady is good programming for his premiere show (He will get a large share of Liberals and probably lose many Conservatives).

I don’t really care if Michelle is on Fallon’s show or not … but there is a story circulating that does raise my interest.

Reportedly, the First Lady will appear ONLY if Fallon is limited to asking questions submitted to … and approved by White House handlers.

In other words, Jimmy have fun, but stick to the script.

I might send Jimmy a word of advise: Don’t even consider asking about the Obama vacations.