That’s the quote from Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinsek.

That’s his response to a Senate committee investigating “secret waiting lists” where veterans were placed on these lists and denied treatment; at least 30 deaths are blamed on these delays.

And Shinsek says he is “mad as hell”?

Look, I don’t know what he knew or when … but if he were not aware that something had to be wrong with the scheduling system … he was either stupid or the wrong man for the job … or both.

Granted when you are Top Dog, you count on others to carry out proper procedures; obviously, Shinsek can not be aware of what every employee at every level is doing … or not doing.

So, he could be cut some slack, but on the other side … the most important side — as Harry Truman said, The buck stops here.
Of course, it should also be noted that the White House and Administration bear some responsibility.

There’s a call to replace Shinsek.
Maybe that will happen; maybe not.

Neither solves the ineptitude, indifferent, scheming and callous attitude that exists in much of our government bureaucracy.

And you know why it exists?
Because it’s been tolerated and in fact, fostered in each regulatory agency since each was created.
That goes back long before President Obama.

Still, the example at the top becomes critical: If you have the power, you can do what you want and you are not accountable … unless you get caught. In that event, grab the can of Cover Your Ass.

For now, Shinsek has placed 3 employees … 2 of them top administrators … on leave.

He is a retired Army General and with that previous rank, you would have thought he would worked harder

Now, he is on the front line … and saying he is sad and mad.
Those comments echo above the graves of some veterans who enlisted to serve their country … but in return, were ignored.