As you might have read or heard this last week, there was a new development on my effort to be free to work in my chosen career in St. Louis.

We had filed for a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent KMOV fromenforcing the non-compete clause in my contract.

Our reasoning is that I was terminated, did not leave on my own for another local broadcasting job. Another issue is that I don’t have proprietary information, and I’m not an owner of Belo Broadcasting or KMOV.
Wednesday, the judge rejected the request for the TRO. She wants a full hearing on the evidence September 3.

Some are seeing this as a set-back, and while I appreciate your concern, this is just part of the process.
A thirty day delay at this stage doesn’t mean that much one way or the other, and we are confident that the judge will accept our reasoning.

For one, generally, Missouri courts are against non-compete clauses except in some of the cases I cited earlier.
For another reason, there are some incidents behind the scenes that can play to our advantage, and for obvious reasons, I can not get into details at this time.

We also moving forward with my claim of “age discrimination” filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. That case examines the underlining reason for my termination. In other words, do you fire a 66 year old news anchor with 38 years in St. Louis for the “facebook policy infraction”? A suspension, a reprimand, anything short of termination were options short of termination … except KMOV management wanted to get rid of an older anchor and his salary.

On another front, the NLRB is expected to rule this month on the union claim that the KMOV Facebook “policy” doesn’t exist because the policy was never presented for negotiation; so, if it doesn’t exist, how can I be fired for violating such a policy?

By the way, there’s an interesting case involving The Chattanooga Times Free Press editorial page editor fired after a headline critical of President Obama. ¬†

There are several other things I was going to post tonight about some events behind the scenes regarding KMOV management and me, but I’m going to hold off those issues … for now.

In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and prayers.