KMOV’S FEARKMOV continues fighting to keep me off St. Louis television for one simple reason.
General Manager Mark Pimentel and News Director Sean McLaughlin testified in court, they fear that I will pull viewers away from Channel 4.

Every day through the end of this month, KMOV is in November Ratings.
This is a crucial time to show sponsors that the station has a large audience. November, February and May rating periods are critical to KMOV; those times determine how much money the station can charge sponsors.
Low ratings mean low revenue.

Pimentel and McLaughlin testified that my Facebook posting about the IRS so damaged my credibility and integrity that the station had no choice but to terminate me after 27 years as prime anchor.
Despite that claim (*), both also admitted under oath that I am still so popular … that I could cost the station ratings.

Think about that for a moment.

On one hand, I am so damaged that KMOV doesn’t want me, but on the other hand, KMOV fears if another St. Louis television station hires me … well, you get the picture (pun intended).
If I were arrested as a drug dealer and KMOV fired me … do you think the station would fight to keep another station from hiring me?
No. KMOV’s position would be: If you want to put Larry on your air … go ahead.

Common sense says that KMOV can’t argue this both ways.

Will the fact that I’m off Channel 4 … hurt KMOV ratings this month or in February or May?
It’s hard to say, but Channel 4 does fear ratings would suffer if I were on another station.

Let me take a moment to say that I have many friends at KMOV.

They are among the brightest in the business.

I don’t try to contact them because that might put them in jeopardy, but from time to time, I hear from them as they support me and are still upset with my termination.

In a way, we are like players on a sports team. If one of us ends up on an opposing team, we are in competition, but we still have mutual respect and concern for each other.

I continue to wish them the very best as they work hard under this management to provide for their families.

(* KMOV’s claim that I damaged my credibility and how the station is trying to sell that claim to viewers, sponsors and competitors — are the crux of my defamation suit against the station; those statements slander and libel me after 50 years in broadcasting … 38 of those years in St. Louis.
Also, KMOV/BELO management and lawyers slandered my wife in open court. That was just another cheap and unethical tactic to hurt us.
In the future, I plan to discuss actions we will take on that issue.
For now, I will just say that it is obviously not enough for KMOV/BELO management and lawyers to attack me professionally and personally, they are so vindictive and determined to punish my family … and win at any cost — that they attack my wife.)