For a President who said 5 times within the last couple of years that he has no authority to act on immigration without Congressional support — Obama is ignoring, denying what he has said.

Since those remarks, what did he find in the Constitution that changes everything?

He isn’t saying.

What he is doing … is playing a word game.  He says:  This is not Amnesty.

So, one hand, he denies that is what he is doing, but advocates and supporters have not only used the word repeatedly, they use that word when claiming President’s Reagan (1987) and G.W.Bush (1990) granted “amnesty”.

The bottom line is, Obama’s plan will fast track green cards ( legal permanent status) for 5 million illegals in our nation.

This action gives these illegals … welfare access, lifetime residency and what appears to be a backdoor pathway to citizenship.

In his remarks, President Obama quoted the Bible,  tried to tug on heart strings and tried make legal Americans feel guilty if we are against what he is doing.

Good act … and that’s all it was.

What he really did .. was walk in the room, drop a grenade … and walk out.

He claims that he is doing everything to secure our borders, but he just threw open all gates … to millions more who want to come to America.

Here’s a point … and I think a strange point … as he talked about making all of those who “pick our fruit and make our beds” legal.

Well, that was racist and stereotyping … suggesting that’s all Latinos are capable of doing.  Will he be called out for such a slur?  No.  Not by mainstream media.

What we are going to hear is … what Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has already suggested:  Obama is the modern day Lincoln.

Yes .. yes, she compared tonight’s act to the Emancipation Proclamation.

She said, Does the public not realize that President Lincoln was using his Executive Power?

Every time this woman opens her mouth … I’m … well, I shouldn’t say that I’m surprised anymore … but does Pelosi not understand when Lincoln acted, nation was divided, at war … and Lincoln was acting using his powers as Commander in Chief.

Of course, none of this means anything to Obama.

In his mind, he is above reproach.

Truly, he has forgotten:  He was elected … not … not anointed.

Larry Conners USA starts at 9PM; tonight’s entire 3 hours will deal with this Constitutional challenge, and I’m going to play numerous remarks from a President who knew … that he served Americans … not lorded over Americans:  Ronald Reagan.

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