How many times have you seen the picture of a sailor grabbing and kissing a nurse in New York after President Truman announced the war with Japan was over?

Two photographers captured the scene from different angles; one of the pictures was published in LIFE magazine and became the most iconic image depicting the End of the War.

The other picture appeared in the New York Times, but in that picture, there is a young man … looking shocked by what he sees.

That was 17 year old Robert Smalley from Chillicothe, Ohio.  He was traveling by train to Boston to see his cousin; after arriving at Grand Central Station in New York, the teenager had a 2 hour layover … so he decided to walk to Times Square.

That’s when he saw the sailor grab the woman, lean over and kiss her.

Smalley says… I was amaze when the sailor kissed the nurse.  I didn’t think they knew each other.

So, in the picture, he looks confused and totally surprised by what he witnessed.

And now, you know that story.