Knowing that you abandoned Americans in Benghazi?
Knowing you covered up your failures in Benghazi?
Knowing you covered up … your cover-up of Benghazi?
After shouting out: What difference does it make? … when asked about Benghazi?
Knowing you used Executive Privilege to hide facts on everything from Benghazi to the IRS and anything else that could be damaging?
After using the powers of your office to target tax payers opposed to the Administration?
After using the 5th Amendment … knowing you are guilty as charged?
After delaying our Veterans proper treatment for so long … that dozens died?
After hiding or destroying those “secret” waiting lists for Vets?
After using your power to keep Boko Haram off a terrorist list?
After giving the “green light” to the Affordable Care Act … knowing the website was not ready.
After pushing ACA … knowing millions already insured would lose insurance?
After claiming the Sequester would lead to massive layoffs … knowing it wouldn’t?
After blocking the Keystone Pipeline which could create thousands of jobs?
After pushing for more taxes which harm small business and hard working Americans?
After putting more Americans out of work?
After raising the minimum wage … knowing it is more of a political ploy than benefit .. and will cost even more Americans more jobs?
After jetting around to vacation resorts on tax payer dollars while most Americans are struggling?
After fighting for voter ID laws … knowing this creates more voter fraud?
After supplying guns to drug cartels?
After using your position to attack our nation instead of unify it?
After hiding behind “race” … for protection and acceptance?
After lying … repeatedly … to Americans?
I would continue, but what good would it do?
I do ask again: How can you sleep at night?

One final question:
America … how do you sleep at night?