As I write this … there is no official word concerning the St. Louis County Grand Jury investigating the death of Michael Brown.

There is a sense of tension across the area … not just in Ferguson.

Other local communities are geared up for … whatever might happen.   Even cities across the nation are on alert in case the grand jury ruling ignited a power keg of those who insist:  No Arrest … No Justice.

Tonight on LARRY CONNERS USA, I’ll keep an eye on events for you and keep you posted.

I will also tell you about a story that it is important that I report because I don’t want anyone to accuse me of trying to cover-up a story that could be damaging to Conservatives.

Also, I’ll have a closer look at President Obama’s Executive Action; tonight, we have more time to examine what Obama did and the reaction.  The President is learning … that even those he hoped to win over — are not happy with him.

One other thing, that racial slur, the stereotype that President Obama used last night … I have not seen major media deal with it; they want to ignore it, but I won’t.

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