So, if you having trouble with the new webcare site … it now lists 4 different ways you can get information about Obamacare and get insurance.
Are you ready?
First, go to the website. Oh, that’s right, you must already be on the website and having trouble.
Two, call for help on the phone. Assuming any other operators haven’t been fired because they talked to reporters.
Three, write a letter. I’m sure the post office will get your letter delivered and you will get a quick response.
Four, chat with friends … but this is probably only recommended if you chat with friends who like Obamacare, have been able to sign up for it and like their new insurance, costs, deductibles and changing doctors.
So, that’s the latest advice from the government and White House.
If none of these work … please don’t complain.
Just sit tight and wait for new information.
Maybe use your time reading the Constitution or playing Candy Crush … whichever gives you the greatest satisfaction.