Hands UP —  makes for great video and rally cry, but it makes it harder and harder to bring peace following the Michael Brown shooting.

The most distressing part of the image is that most who are replicating it have no idea of the facts, or even worse, they choose to ignore facts that don’t fit their story.

In the hours and days and weeks after Brown was killed, we heard:  He had his hands fully raised in surrender.  He was running away when shot in the back.  Officer Wilson shot him repeatedly as he was on the ground.

Eventually, three separate autopsies proved many of those and other statements were out-right lies, half-truths with intent to lie, perceived truths which were wrong and in some cases, when confronted with evidence, witnesses changed their stories.

Sunday, five Rams players got into the act (read my previous post on LarryConnersUSA Facebook).   They came out with “hands up” … and in that scene, they gave more life to the fiction of what happened.

Over the weekend, on a major network news program, a governor said: “Without knowing the facts” … I wanted Wilson to be indicted.

“Without knowing the facts” … yeah, that pretty much says it all.

Without knowing the facts, without regard for facts … many wanted Wilson to stand trial … even if he was not guilty of anything.

You know what that kind of action would be called in days past:  a lynching.

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