If there is any “silver lining” to the Ebola crisis…. it is the fact that this is exposing how incompetent we are in dealing with a deadly virus.

Another hospital nurse is now diagnosed with Ebola.

Yes, nurse Amber Vinson worked at the same hospital where Thomas Eric Duncan from Liberia died .. the same hospital where nurse Nina Pham worked.

Vinson was on a flight from Cleveland to Dallas the day before she showed symptoms of Ebola.  The CDC insists that you can’t expose anyone if you aren’t showing symptoms, but if that’s true… why is there an effort to contact the 132 passengers and crew members who were on that plane?  What about contacting everyone in the terminal before she boarded the flight?  What about anyone she saw in Cleveland the day of her flight, the day before, the day before …?

You see how far back you have to go make sure all potential threats are covered?

The hospital knew that she had been in contact with either Duncan or staff that had .. before she left for Cleveland.  No one .. no one … said … even if you are not showing symptoms, you can not fly on a commercial plane?   This emphasizes a lack of training from the top … down.

Details of how this nurse was exposed are being investigated, but now, there are reports that no special precautions were taken at several steps of treating Duncan — from drawing blood, to putting him on a kidney dialysis machine to disposing of body fluids.

This clearly reflects how our hospitals are not prepared to handle Ebola or any similar virus.

This reflects how the CDC is failing .. has been failing … for not preparing our hospitals.

Dr. Thomas Frieden should be removed as head of the CDC.

President Obama should do everything to protect Americans .. and that includes what he has refused to do:  stop all flights from West African nations.

Yes, I know that Ebola carriers can come from other nations and other flights … but why does President Obama … still insist … that he doesn’t want to ban flights that come direct from those nations?

One other big point .. Texas Governor Rick Perry … a Republican… is Missing In Action.

He left on a pre-planned trip to Europe … after nurse Nina Pham was diagnosed.

Remember, Governor Perry criticized President Obama was not being a true leader because he would not go to the Texas-Mexico border this summer to see the problem with illegal aliens.

Governor Perry … you are not being a leader.

You need to get back to Texas .. days ago.

So far … so far, the only confirmed cases of Ebola inside the Uni ted States…are in your state.

And you, Governor Perry … are not where you should be.