Are you ready to give up on the First Amendment … Freedom of Speech?

The Islamic terrorist attack on a French publication was also a direct attack on free speech … not just for that publication, not just for France … but world wide.

Tonight on LARRY CONNERS USA, we will examine that dangerous shock wave.

International, national, local news outlets of all venues … have more proof that there is a line — marked in blood … and if they cross it … the penalty could be death.

Even late night comedians seem to be quaking in fear:  What can we say?  What should we avoid?

In this specific case, the threat comes from Radical Muslims who will punish any they consider that used words, pictures, jokes, satire … to defame the Prophet Mohammad.

So, does anyone want to cross that line?

News outlets and even comedians often shout … freedom of speech means that I can say what I want.

Now, those voices are a little softer … more timid … and in fact, the very ones who oppose and fight any kind of censorship.

They are imposing “self censorship”.

So, do we let this radical group silence the voices of free speech?

On one hand, it’s easy to insist :  NO …

But the reality is … that attitude will face at least a threat of retaliation — a threat which might end with counting bodies.

Tonight, the phone lines will be open so you can use your free speech … and express your thoughts on this subject.

If … you dare.

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