You’ve always heard that freedom of speech … does not give you the right to shout: Fire! … in a crowded theater.

You could be charged with a crime.

So, what if you shout: Burn this bitch down … is that a crime?   What if after your statement that a crowd goes crazy, torching local businesses, looting?

Should you be charged?

That’s the question regarding Michael Brown’s stepfather.

After the Grand Jury ruled no charges against Ferguson Police Officer Darrin Wilson in Brown’s death … the stepfather started shouting: Burn this bitch down!

Shortly after his remarks, fires started breaking out in Ferguson.

Now, St. Louis County Police are investigating to see if those comments incited the violence.

The attorney representing the Brown family says: the remark was completely inappropriate … but he suggests, it was just raw emotion … not really an intent to create a riot.

I don’t know if a legal case can be made … tying those remarks … directly .. directly to the violence, but I know what happened after the stepfather shouted them.