Once again today, the Director of the CDC assured Americans … his agency, the White House, Homeland Security … are on top of the Ebola issue.   That is to say … everything possible to keep Ebola from spreading across our nation … is being done.

So, do you feel safer?  Or not?

Weeks ago, we were lead to believe … weeks ago… that everything was being done.

If that was true then … why are we just now imposing new Ebola screenings at 5 of our biggest airports?

If weeks ago, everything was being done… how did a man   from Liberia … a man who  ended up being infected with Ebola …get into our nation… and protocol was not followed.

Now, he is dead, and there’s concern because a deputy sheriff who had indirect contact with that man .. is showing early symptoms that might be Ebola.

On top of all of this… some are playing the “race card” … because the man from Liberia died.

Yes … in the midst of all of this… there are those who are saying… he is dead … because he was black.

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