The Director of the CDC is now saying… expect more Ebola infections in the U.S.

Everyday … those in charge of keeping us safe from Ebola … are making changes in previous statements.

From the White House to the CDC to the Pentagon, they have to produce new talking points because they know they have not been completely honest with us.

The White House saw no need for additional security at airports, but Saturday started screening passengers from West Africa — yet still, we won’t stop planes coming direct from that area … so far.  I’m thinking that is still going to be ordered, but when, and after… what else happens?

The CDC said our hospitals and staff are fully and properly trained to handle any cases that do .. somehow, get into our country — but now we have a nurse infected; she treated the Liberian who died in Dallas.  What does the CDC say in response this development?

The Pentagon originally said that none of the 4,000 troops we were sending to West Africa to help in the fight against Ebola … would be in direct contact with any of those infected — but last week, the Pentagon admitted, yes, some troops might have direct contact.

These stories are changing and being redirected because our government appears to have no solid handle on this event.

We are dealing with Ebola .. on a step by step … day by day … case by case basis.

At what point, does the government acknowledge that instead of “reacting” to each new development … we are going to be “pro-active”?

Tonight on Larry Conners USA … that will be one of main issues.

We will also examine how the same, shifting sand scenario is playing out regarding our “strategy” of dealing with ISIS.

Also, you’ll hear some excerpts from the first debate between St. Louis County Executive candidates Stenger and Stream.

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