I have mixed thoughts about Senator McCain saying that Senator Cruz should apologize to Bob Dole.

Cruz was at CPAC reminding Conservatives that recent GOP candidates like: “President” Dole, “President” McCain and “President” Romney … failed to win because they didn’t stand on their conservative principles.

McCain says that Cruz should apologize, questioning how Cruz could attack a man who was injured in WW2 in Italy.

Dole and McCain have paid a high price for our country. I don’t endorse their lukewarm conservative politics, but because of their war history, I will never criticize them personally.

To that point, Senator McCain is wrong to ask that Senator Cruz apologize for remarks about Senator Dole.

Cruz was not personally attacking. He joked about President Dole, but he did correctly describe why the GOP has been in a death spiral.

Now to that point, I do think that McCain, Dole and Romney should apologize to Conservatives.