Not even 3 months ago, President Obama said … we will not be sending U.S. troops back into battle in Iraq.

Last week, President Obama said he is sending another 1500 troops to that theater.  That makes about 3,000 U.S. forces in Iraq.

Yesterday, he said he would not rule out sending more troops.

Today, we are told that our troops are back in Anbar.  This is the region of the heaviest fighting from 2003-2011 and where we lost the most Americans killed in Iraq.   1,335 were killed in during with some of the biggest U.S. military battles in the 8 year war.

Of course, in the midst of this “mission creep” .. (Read: escalation) .. President Obama insists: These are not combat troops.

At the least, President Obama is “filtering” this action, but the true fact is, he is misleading the American public.

Our troops might be given a mission to train Iraqi forces, but they are deep into dangerous territory.

I just want to hear President Obama be fully honest and admit that our troops … who are in a combat zone … are at high risk.

Just because he insists that that they are not combat troops… does not lessen that risk.

You ask anyone in the military, you ask anyone who has a relative in Iraq, you ask anyone in Iraq — they will say: these are combat troops.

They are in “harms way” … and any day, at any moment, I fear we will suffer a casualty ; that will be a “casualty of war”.

By the way, yesterday, President Obama did admit that to beat ISIS … “What we need is ground troops” .. but, but … he quickly added: Iraqi … ground troops.

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