The United Kingdom reports that Royal Air Force Jets intercepted a Russian bomber … that was carrying a nuclear missile.

The missile was not armed, but Ministry of Defence sources describe the flight as “another in a series of deliberately provocative” actions by Vladimir Putin.

This comes as President Obama is considering shipping military arms and weapons to Ukraine as rebels backed by Russia … are trying to expand their territory by killing innocent civilians.

NATO is pushing for the U.S. to do more than supply gas defensive weapons to Ukraine … such as gas masks and radar to detect enemy planes. ¬†Ukrainian military intelligence says the rebels are getting military weapons that can only come from Russia.

The Russian Bear bomber that was spotted on radar towards the English Channel … is clearly a sign that Putin is reminding the West … of his capability.

Experts insist this is not reigniting cold war tensions between Russia and the United Kingdom, and such flights were a common practice prior to the downfall of the Communist in 1991 … but now, with the Ukraine situation — as one source said: Russia is … upping its game.