CHARLIE HEBDO … is publishing its latest edition .. and is defiant against Islamic Terrorists.

This is the cover of the first issue after Muslim Radicals attacked the publication offices, killing the editor and some cartoonists who worked for Hebdo.

A record 3 million copies will be printed in 16 languages.

As you might expect, this latest depiction of Muhammad is creating more controversy.

It shows Muhammad crying, wearing a “Je suis Charlie” badge under the heading “All is forgiven”.

A columnist for Charlie Hebdo was quoted as saying:  “We feel that we have to forgive what happened. I think those who have been killed, if they would have been able to have a coffee today with the terrorists and just talk to ask them why have they done this … We feel at the Charlie Hebdo team that we need to forgive.”

The reaction: predictable.  The President of the Muslim Association of Britain was quoted as saying: “My reaction to the cartoon is disgust, but tending more to annoyance as well because I feel that what’s happening here is not that different from what we witnessed back in 2005 with the Danish cartoons when media outlets went into a cycle of just publishing the cartoons just to show defiance. And what that caused is more offence.”

He also said … causing offence “just for the purpose of offending” was not freedom of speech.



Charlie Hebdo cover

The cover in newspapers around Europe; the BBC showed it briefly.

In the U.S. … the Washington Post, USA Today, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, The Daily Beast and CBS News ran the cover.

The New York Times is not showing it.  CNN (and MSNBC) refuses … saying : it is our policy not to show potentially offensive images of the prophet”.

So, does that mean, they would show potentially offensive images of Jesus Christ, God, Buddha … other religions?

Forget the question, many times in the past, they have blasphemed Christians and Jews, but now, they want to make themselves “guardians” of Muhammad.

This is hypocrisy at the highest level from news outlets that are supposed to focus on ethics … not lies and smoke-screens created under the guise of “journalistic integrity”.

It is only a matter of time until the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and the like publish/broadcast more material offensive to Christian and Jews … but not Muhammad.