Those words are the new rally cry … protesting police violence.

In New York, a Grand Jury refuses to indict a police officer after a choke-hold on a suspect; ┬áduring the struggle with 4 police officers, the man said repeatedly: I can’t breathe.

This is all documented on video.

The man died that July day, and today, the Grand Jury said it found no cause to bind the officer choking him over for trial … for any charges.

That’s igniting protests in the streets of New York on the very night they are lighting the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center.

Of course, many are quickly connecting what happened in New York with the Ferguson case.

What do I think of the New York case … of linking it to Michael Brown’s death?

I’ll open Larry Conners USA with preliminary thoughts and before the night is over, I want to hear from you:

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