President Obama should know by now, he is not going to get a blank check to deal with immigration.

The White House has handled this crisis … mis-handled this crisis … on all fronts: logistics to public relations.

We continue to hear that President Obama has plans to take significant new executive actions next month … to overhaul the immigration system.

It is unbelievable.

Congress is trying to create a bill to deal with the immediate crisis, and the White House is still trying to shove a check for 4 billion dollars down our throats … because only … only .. . the Administration knows how to resolve this crisis.


Dollars and more dollars and without a clear plan and without accountability.

Tonight on LARRY CONNERS USA … we will focus on this issue.

Also, the White House pushes for more sanctions against Russia regarding the Ukraine, and we have the first case of chikungunya reported in our area; it is spread by mosquitoes; we’ll tell you what it is and how it showed up in the St. Louis region.

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