That’s the message from a Democrat … a U.S. Senator.

How does she reach this conclusion?

Well, that’s a story that bears closer examination and in fact, rebuttal to such a stupid statement.

You will hear that claim and my response in the 9PM Hour of tonight’s program.

In that hour, you will also hear from the Chair of the St. Louis University Hospital Preparedness Committee … discussing how that facility is ready to handle any Ebola cases.

In the 10PM Hour, we will have News & Commentary plus what the founder of the Weather Channel has to say about global warming and Al Gore.

The 11PM Hour will feature an interview with entrepreneur and businessman John Beal and I’ll share An American Story … about walking on top of the St. Louis Arch.

It all begins at 9pm on KTRS (550), and you can listen from anywhere via the internet at … or by using the free KTRS phone app.