As we celebrate our nation’s independence  … Ahmed Abu Khatallah sits in a U.S. jail.

No doubt he is getting food much better than he would have in Benghazi, and he has a nice bed, clean air and water.

Khatallah is living the life as he awaits trial for conspiring to attack our American diplomatic compound in Benghazi; in that September 11, 2012 assault, U.S. Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans were killed.

That was an Act of War … but our government … our President … has decided that Khatallah should face a civilian trial under our Constitution.

July 4th is our celebration of that Constitution which provides for our freedom and protects our individual liberties.

Khatallah doesn’t deserve protections under our Constitution.

One of the “rights” he now has is the Miranda law.  That gives him a right to remain silent to avoid self-incrimination; he would not have that right …  if tried in a military court.

Once Khatallah was given that right … he could ask for a lawyer and then close his mouth.

This guy has extensive knowledge of not only what happened that night in Benghazi but other terrorist activities and maybe future plans.

Now, there’s no reason for him to talk.

Tonight on LARRY CONNERS USA … we will discuss Benghazi and Khatallah.

My guest will be Clare Lopez … a former CIA operations officer and an expert on strategic policy and intelligence.

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