I’m not interested in rekindling the issue over President Obama and family vacations … to resort or exotic spots at a high cost to taxpayers.

We’ve plowed that ground before, and it was that issue which sparked the most controversy in my interview with the President.

So, there’s no sense beating an issue which angers many Americans and has others rushing forward to point at other President’s and their vacations. I will note again that Obama is separated from the others by the timing, cost and destination of his vacations while Bush and others simply went to their homes.


See how easy it is to fall back into that quagmire?

The point of this post is that while on extended vacation in Hawaii, President Obama used his Weekly Address to criticize Republicans for going on vacation without protecting benefits for unemployed Americans.

Now, that is the height of arrogance.

Blame the GOP … but making those criticisms while enjoying 14 days in Hawaii?

A true leader would have stayed in Washington, called meetings and done his best to find some way to resolve the issue. That would have given the leader a legitimate claim to high ground in the issue.

A true leader does not take his own holiday trip and cast stones at those who did the same.

** “The truest characters of ignorance are vanity and pride and arrogance.”
Samuel Butler / British Poet