A new AP poll is being interpreted various ways — depending on political leanings.

Basically, the poll asked if participants wanted the Democrats or Republicans to control the House after the November mid-term elections.

36% said they preferred Democrats to control Congress.
37% preferred Republicans.

To me. that difference could simply be that on the day of the poll … someone woke up on the wrong side of bed, stubbed a toe, burned the toast and was pretty well ticked when somebody calls and asks : Which party do you want to run Congress? That same participant called the day before … might have had a different answer.

In other words, the margin is so thin … the poll is useless.

BUT. not if you are pushing a political agenda.

Last January, the poll showed 39% preferred the Dems and GOP support was only at 32%.

In that context, there “appears” to be significant shifting … and that is the focus of the “news” of this latest poll.

We will see how that plays out, but I see a bigger issue in both polls.

In each survey, 25%-plus ,.. didn’t care which party controlled Congress.

If that’s due to apathy .. that’s a sad political commentary.
If that’s due to disillusionment … that’s a political tragedy.

Both are understandable.

We have college students who can’t name even one US Senator but know the name of the title song from the movie : Frozen.

We have new and seasoned voters who see nothing being accomplished by either party and candidates who shouldn’t be elected dog catcher … and certainly not Congress.

Apathy/disillusionment … spell disaster for our nation’s future.

And then you have those voters who cast ballots with no knowledge of candidates of issues .. or voters purposely voting for idiots who’s biggest claim to fame is sexting pictures of their privates.

Can you tell I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, stubbed my toe ….???