This Friday’s American Story is a little different than others that reflect on various stages of life, kids, pets and so on.

Also, I can’t claim credit for this story as I’m relating something read decades ago.

I wish that I could cite the source, but while I can find some possibilities, I can’t confirm the original source.

I’m presenting it as An American Story because in the wake of current national events … it seems to have more weight than when I first read it.

The story begins in a classroom … in a Communist/Socialist country.

The teacher tells her first graders: Some of you might have heard about God …and how God will answer all your prayers. Well, let’s see if God really exists … and if He hears you and answers prayers. Put your head down on your desk, close your eyes and let’s pray together.

All the students obediently follow the instructions — putting their heads down and covering their eyes and lead by the teacher they start praying: God if you are real … prove it. Put a piece of candy on my desk.

They pray for about a minute, and then the teacher says, Open your eyes. Raise your hand if you have a piece of candy.

Of course, there is no candy.

The teacher says, Well, that proves there is no God. Or if he does exist, he doesn’t care about you and won’t answer your prayers. Okay, let’s pray again. Put your heads down and cover your eyes.

Again, the students do as instructed.

The Teacher says, Repeat after me. Dear Supreme Leader of our country … we pray that you will give us a piece of candy.

They pray that over and over, and as they do, the teacher goes around the room and quietly places a piece of candy in front of each child.

When she is finished, she says, Open your eyes. Raise your hand if you have candy.

There are shouts of joy and astonishment. Every child has a piece of candy.

Then, one little boy says, Teacher, I saw you put the candy on the desk.

Without missing a beat, the teacher says, Yes, I did. But that proves that while God doesn’t exist or won’t answer your prayer … our Supreme Leader will. So, there is no need to put your faith and prayers in God … our Supreme Leader will give you all you want and need.

End of lesson … End of story.
(An American Story is a Friday Tradition on my FB, and I look forward to your comments and some of your ideas for this feature.)