Now, here is an interesting case that will test you.

California high court just ruled that the state has to grant an illegal immigrant a law license.


He came to the states 20 years ago with his family and worked in the fields and a grocery store to pay for college. He became a para-legal, worked in a law office and entered law school. He passed the Bar on his first try.

Illegal is illegal.

But …. before we continue … here is an example of an illegal who was brought in as a teenager. He turned out to be the kind of illegal who worked hard, didn’t get in trouble and relived the dream that America has always offered immigrants.

Those are all good points … but illegal is still illegal …unless there’s a change in status by the individual, legislative action, decree or some other initiative.

Illegals are already allowed to get drivers’ licenses in at least one state, and yet we can’t even force voters to have a picture ID.

As you know, the Obama administration has been against voter ID and pushing to give more rights and amnesty to illegals.

So here’s the test: Are you against giving this illegal a law license?

If you are … then, in this case, you agree with the Obama Administration.

Federal government lawyers argued that California should NOT approve the law license for an illegal.

So how do you rule?