Hour one of Larry Conners USA Topics Discussed:

  • Uvalde school shooting DOJ report was released, Larry shares some details
  • Treasury department snooping on Americans making purchases at numerous retails, some of which include, Cabela’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Trump raises a point that creates a bigger issue when you look at Nikki Haley’s donors
  • Tucker Carlson details how Nikki Haley is being used as a prop for a major Democratic donor
  • How MSNBC and CNN announced that American’s were’t “smart” enough to watch Trump and decide that he is tellingĀ  (what they think are…) lies
  • Rachel Maddow tried to cover for MSNBC, stating that they only report on the truth and will not give a platform to lies, two years ago Rachel Maddow had this to say…
  • Argentinian President Milie goes to Davos World Economic Summitt and lectures everyone about Democracy and how THEY are killing it