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Topics tonight:  The ACLU lawsuit to allow a grand juror on the Ferguson case to speak publicly / How Republicans are fighting … with each other / What happened to the stock market today? / Are the Rams worth keeping? / A story of a miracle following a tragedy.

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Protesters are in the streets again … despite a call from New York City Mayor de Blasio for a moratorium … until Officers Liu and Ramos are buried.

The demonstrators believe that honor the mayor’s request … deprives them of their First Amendment rights.  They are crying out this proposal “chills” their freedoms.

As one protester said: This is the revolution and we will not be repressed.

That’s not what this request does, but too many are taking a request for respect … and making it a challenge to their Constitutional rights.

Take a moment to read my previous post on my Facebook about how two 9-11 operators are exercising their “freedom of speech”.

LARRY CONNERS USA starts at 9PM and will also focus on Sony’s decision to release “The Interview” to various theaters despite threats from North Korea.




I apologize but I have had trouble posting my programs (as Podcasts/Archives) of Thursday/Dec 18.

Funny, but everything had been working fine … until … I posted links to the movie clip showing the assassination of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un.   Could it be ???

Nah, probably just some stupid technical glitch on my part … but still, if you are into conspiracy theories …..



If the link is still up .. this is the death scene from Sony’s movie: The Interview.

North Korea made threats against any American who wanted to see the film; I could care less about the film and it probably isn’t that good anyway… but I will not let some 3rd rate dictator tell me what I can or can’t see:




I’ll be devoting some time to this subject on LARRY CONNERS USA tonight.

Lego has a toy that depicts prisoners escaping a city jail transport;  the description says there are plenty of ways for prisoners to get out and there’s a truck with a grappling hook to pull the bars off the windows.

This is a toy?   For our youngest children?

What kind of message does this send?

Read my previous post on LARRY CONNERS USA FACEBOOK:  Lego Teaching Crime ?

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This hour includes CIA Director Brennan defending his agency; my special guest is Steven Groves, Expert on Human Rights and International Law with the Heritage Foundation.



Whatever you think of the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture … it is clearly leading to discussions, debate and even heated arguments.

The Report concludes that the CIA was on a rogue mission, lied and covered-up what it did to detainees captured following   9-11; the CIA is accused of hiding information from Congress and the White House while engaging in wide spread “torture” and the most damning finding is… the enhanced interrogations yielded no valuable information to protect Americans.

My Facebook, website, email, phone … has been on fire over this issue and that’s why tonight on LARRY CONNERS USA, we are going to spend the first hour on this subject.

I can’t say that everything done to get information from detainees was handled properly; I wasn’t a witness, but I can say that the Democrats controlling the Senate and this committee can’t answer that question for the same reason; they relied on what they gleaned from more than 6 million documents and tidbits.  They did not question key CIA leaders nor operatives.

The Report does detail some horrifying acts that many call torture, and I’m willing to concede, the acts sure sound like torture, and nothing that I want to endure, but they were not designed to kill or even permanently maim.  Yes, one … one detainee died from exposure; if that had been the intent, don’t you think more would have died?

Contrary to our enemies, we were not “torturing” for the joy of it or just because we could; we were doing it to get any and all information that might save American lives and prevent another 9-11.

The Ticking Bomb Scenario … poses a threat and limited time to defuse it.

A deadly explosive is placed in a very public location and hundreds or even thousands might die if the bomb is not dismantled; you have in custody the terrorists responsible … but you have only a few hours for them to tell you where the device is before it detonates.

What would you do to get the information?

I posed that question to some of those calling me and criticizing my acceptance and endorsement of enhanced interrogation techniques such as detailed in the Senate Report.

Some said they would take their chances.  Do you have the same response if your family will be among the fatalities?

Some have said, The Ticking Bomb Scenario … is overly dramatic and all “Hollywood”.

The 9-11 attacks looked like something from Hollywood, but they were all so real … and deadly.

Still, there are those who insist that “torture” , enhanced interrogation techniques … are wrong.

Even if you get information to save American lives?

When we dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki … we didn’t do it just to kill innocent civilians, children and women.  We did it to help end the war, save American lives … even save other Japanese lives.

If we had one or more terrorists in custody before the others could carry out 9-11, and we knew … knew … they were plotting a massive attack … would you not do everything possible to get the information so you could stop those planes?

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I ask that question because … too often, I hear many say …torture is wrong.  Water-boarding is wrong.

My question:  If you got information to avoid another 9-11 … would it be worth it?

You don’t like that question?  Let’s make it more specific, more personal: What if that information would save your family from terrorists?

Suddenly, many who are voice concern and complaints … are waffling.

The Democrats in the Senate are anxious to release a report which means nothing right now … but will immediately put our U.S. troops in danger.

Even the White House admits releasing this information creates a threat, but sides with Democrats who are insisting that you need to know … NOW … what the Senate Intelligence Committee found.

The investigation focused on the CIA Detention and Interrogation program .. including water-boarding and other tactics used to get information from terrorists after 9-11.   More than 8 years ago, President Bush ordered the CIA secret overseas prisons closed, and the Democratic lead Senate has been investigating the CIA since 2009.

I have no issue with the Senate releasing the report, the timing?  Even Secretary of State Kerry calls Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein and requests that the report not be released right now.

She ignores Kerry; would she ignore President Obama making the same request?

It’s a rhetorical question … he’s not calling.  As White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, this report has been a goal of the Administration since Obama took office.

In other words, there is no concern for the threat the timing poses to our troops.

Thousands of Marines are a higher state of alert around the world because some Democrats want to make political points.

This subject and the latest demonstrations including those by professional athletes following the Grand Jury rulings on the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

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There are so many things wrong with what happened in the Eric Garner case in New York.

Starting at 9 tonight on LARRY CONNERS USA, I’ll begin dealing with the issues, the facts, the fictions, the rumors.

If you have any views on what happened in this case, this will be your time to express them.  Our lines will be open:

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Tonight, I will also be talking about other police shootings, the Attorney General’s report on the Cleveland Police Department.

As expected, there is backlash against NBA Legend Charles Barkley for his remarks; do you agree with what he has said or agree with those who are denouncing him?

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Those words are the new rally cry … protesting police violence.

In New York, a Grand Jury refuses to indict a police officer after a choke-hold on a suspect;  during the struggle with 4 police officers, the man said repeatedly: I can’t breathe.

This is all documented on video.

The man died that July day, and today, the Grand Jury said it found no cause to bind the officer choking him over for trial … for any charges.

That’s igniting protests in the streets of New York on the very night they are lighting the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center.

Of course, many are quickly connecting what happened in New York with the Ferguson case.

What do I think of the New York case … of linking it to Michael Brown’s death?

I’ll open Larry Conners USA with preliminary thoughts and before the night is over, I want to hear from you:

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